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"Our condominium association recently hired H & H to take care of our landscaping and lawn services. We are very pleased with their services! They provide quality yard work at a fair price. We recommend them highly!"
- Ellyn Dee, Board Member

"I appreciate you taking care of my yard issues last fall. At first, and before the job was started, my girlfriend wanted me to get my money back so she could do the yard stuff she had been meaning to do. After the job, she said, "Man, that looks good." I had the best yard in the neighborhood, and my neighbor was outside when I came home and complimented me on the yard because it was the best on the block and there was NOT ONE LEAF in my yard. That is amazing considering that I have a huge sycamore in the front yard. Your team was excellent and I would recommend to you anyone (as I did my neighbor). So, again, thank you."
- Jared Spencer

"I am very pleased with the service I received from H&H All Seasons Services. We were having a birthday party on a Saturday with 25 guests and had a driveway full of snow on the Friday before. I called H&H and they were able to come out, give me an estimate and do the snow removal all on the same day for a reasonable price. I would definitely call them again!"
- Amy Ahmed

"H&H Services is very reliable and they do excellent work!"
- Merle Eyestone

"We were introduced to H&H through a coupon program and have been very pleased with their services ever since. They are prompt, reliable, and friendly! It was easy to arrange service requests via internet or by phone."
- Karolee Harr

“H&H Services did an amazing job! I really appreciate their efforts and hard work. They are thorough and professional!”
- Sheila Utterback (See the Yard)

“H&H are consummate professionals. They cleaned up my entire garden in an afternoon! Quick, friendly service and excellent results.”
- Aaron Esser-Kahn (See the Yard)

- Jeff Butts (See the Yard) Testimonial Coming Soon!

"Prompt scheduling! Very courteous service! That describes H&H Services in a nutshell!"
- Robin Beck (See the Yard)

"H&H was great to work with! They were very motivated to improve my yard quickly and do a great job! There was a large amount of work that needed to get done and they were more than willing to do everything I requested. H&H was very friendly and a pleasure to do business with."
- Justin Metsa (See the Yard)

"The service delivered was excellent, timely and efficient. They were very professional, and made sure the job was done right the first time. I couldn't be a happier camper."
- Scott Cohen

"We are so grateful that someone gave us H & H Services contact information prior to the snow season of 2010/2011. They have done a fantastic job, always there to remove the snow and salt our drive and sidewalks. They are very reliable and always showed up as soon as the snow decreased or stopped. I would recommend calling H&H to anyone in need of their services."
- Jerrie Miscencik

“Being responsible for snow removal at many different locations throughout Champaign and Urbana can be very challenging. H & H Services has made this task easier due to their fast response time and great customer service. I have found it a real pleasure to work with H & H Services!”
- Jennifer Carr, Developmental Services Center

"I am very glad I came across H&H services! They took care of my lawn for a month while I was on vacation. I live in a very busy neighborhood, and my neighbors said H&H were very timely with the lawn services, meaning the grass never looked out of control. Also, I am definitely making H&H a priority phone call for any other services in the future. The honesty, friendliness, and timeliness that I experienced makes H&H a top notch service in the Champaign-Urbana community!"
- Mike Slagor

“H and H is the BEST!!! They are hard-working, super friendly and willing to do what it takes to get the job done… can't ask for any BETTER!”
- AAA Storage (See the Work)

Ray Sommers Testimonial Coming Soon! (See the Yard)

"H&H Services is top-notch and I highly recommend others to employ their services! They are professional, courteous, reliable, and quite cost competitive. Hard to find such a combination in today's economic climate."
- Dawn Sandone

"H&H Services does a great job in lawncare. They are very professional, fast and do a great job at a reasonable price! I am very satisfied with H&H Services!" (See the Yard)
- Joe Stoval

"We couldn't be more pleased with our experience with H&H services. Hilary couldn't be nicer about getting a quote and appointment set up, and Harry did an awesome job on our overgrown yard- in an unbelievably short amount of time, to boot! Overall, they were super friendly and professional, made our lawn look much nicer then we could manage ourselves, and did it all for a very fair price. We'd happily recommend them to anyone who needs a little green help." (See the Yard)
- Robin Palmer

"I am very satisfied with the lawn care services provided by H&H. Their services are competitively priced & they are professional, prompt and courteous. Harry goes about his job with a smile and makes you feel good about giving them your business."
- Ravi Gajendran

"We so enjoy the services of H&H. They always try to accomodate our busy schedule and offer excellent effort with a smile. We are most impressed with the quality we get for a very reasonable price. Thank you, H&H!"
- Stephanie Price

"When my lawnmower died, I needed someone to cut my lawn until I got it fixed. That's when H & H Services was recommended by a friend! They came out and suggested other work that could improve the look of my property at a very reasonable price. They were professional and took the time & energy to beautify my yard as if it were their own. Although I took great pride in managing the yard myself, because of the great care H & H Services delivered, I now have no plans on fixing my lawnmower." (See the Yard)
-Jamar Brown